Net Mending and Yarning



What a brilliant session at a local nursing home today! Coy and Ian Stephen came along to offer a session of net mending (from Coy) and yarning (from Ian). This was mostly to offer this session to a retired fisherman, who had worked with Coy and was unable to travel but it was also very much appreciated by other residents and their families and friends.

I was hoping to see some hand memory and I did. He held the nets, inspecting the knots, taking the net mending needle into his hand and showing me how to hold it, moving it in the motion of the rhythmic weaving.


. closenetianmegmarymoiraacrossroomlaughing

The storytelling was very entertaining, a captivated audience belly-laughed until lunchtime. Many thanks to all involved, especially to Artist Pat Law, who came up with the concept of ‘Net Mending & Yarning’.

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