Spotlight Session at an Lanntair today

Alzheimer Scotland, together with Deirdre Nelson and Kevin Black held a Spotlight Event for practitioners, carers and family members of people living with dementia today, focussing on how to co-design art projects with groups and individuals in a supportive and open way.

Deirdre spoke about how stereotypes can prevent participation and how sessions of ‘snooping’ and listening to people over lunch informed the first session in Glasgow, where some coasters and placemats came from the co-design sessions held there. People in Glasgow participated in their own way, explained Deirdre and Kevin, some organising and ordering, some talking, some collaborating and working on designs which came from others. One lady was able to draw a beautiful vase of flowers free-hand. Some computer design was incorporated, creating chosen background colours and creating relevant colouring pages.

The group had a go with tracing, trying out watercolour pastels and pencils, colouring outlines and free hand drawing before lunch.

One lady entertained with wonderful stories of how she has never cleaned a potato, handled a sheep or cut peat in her life, despite the stereotypes of Lewis life.

The completed designs from Glasgow were brought to share with us and inspire us and were used for the lunch in our Round Room.


Deirdre Nelson website

Alzheimer Scotland

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