Presence and Noticing

Something Cathy Lane’s ideas and thoughts brought me back to this week was mindfulness. In a previous ‘life’ I worked with people who had problems with substances/alcohol/addiction and I found Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to be very helpful for many people. It is based on mindfulness, on noticing the present, active noticing if you like. Rooting oneself in the present moment to relieve stress and be more logical about reactions and responses, about thinking or slipping into auto-pilot.
Cathy spoke about deep listening, active listening as opposed to allowing sounds to seep in without noticing them.
I have found this very useful in conversation with people slipping into the past with dementia. I talk about the clock in the room, the season outside, what is on the radio, who is presenting, what is in today’s newspaper, looking at today’s diary entry. Simple things but so relevant to dementia, much as it was in my working past.
I’m so interested to see how deep listening might support people and how this might work for people experiencing auditory hallucinations or hearing loss.

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