Gingerbread House under construction!

The Christmas baking is well underway.

This little house will be constructed on Friday morning and decorated with sweets in the afternoon. We made two of everything we needed, so we can pick the best ones (at worst) and we can make two (at best)!


Dance with lights

Dance Toolkit

I’ve been using this Dance Toolkit, highlighted to me by Laura, before she left Ceolas as their Dance Development Officer.

I tried some gentle movement with battery operated, colour changing fairy lights today. It worked really well, for those nursed in their beds in particular, but others had a little fun with them too.

Dementia Friends Sessions

Dementia Friends are offering awareness sessions at An Lanntair, in the Art Room for staff and volunteers on Weds 9th December at 11am and 2pm.

Please come along and learn what we can do as an organisation and individuals to support people living in the community with dementia.

Tea/Coffee and cake provided!


Sensory Christmas

In local care homes, I’ve been focussing on the sensory side of Christmas, the smells, flavours, colours, textures and tastes plus of course the lights.

We’ve been making very highly fragrant decorations and foods. Cloves in Oranges, Stem Ginger Cake with orange icing, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding and a gingerbread house.

I’ve been using the opportunity for exercise with rolling out a stiff dough, handling foods, stirring cake batter and pudding batter etc.

The texture of dough has been a nice memory for people unable to completely create a mince pie and the eating of it all has been a big hit, especially warm and fragrant from the oven.