Playlist for Life

I really want to explain some things about Playlist for Life and why it is so important.

It can (cynically) be perceived as a quietening device – can you imagine someone being left in a corner with headphones on and maybe one artist’s album on repeat because a care plan stated that he or she likes traditional pipe music? If I had a penny for each time I’ve seen a care plan with ‘ACDC’ or ‘Carpenters’ on it as though a person’s entire musical taste can be distilled into one artist.

I’ll list ten of mine. You will see that these aren’t songs I would listen to now, particularly. These are songs that take me back to a place and time in my life. These are memories that could be shared with my friends and family later. Shared, with headphone splitters. Shared, with conversation and the sound down low enough to talk about that time in my life. To unlock that sense of self, that emotional connection.

That’s what Playlist for Life is about.

1: Row the boat – this nursery rhyme reminds me of a Fisher Price toy tv I had. It wound up with a yellow winder and played this song with a moving picture. And the song, I sang it to my children and now grandson.

2: Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cutter. I still have no idea what this song was about but it reminds me of walking home from school as a teenager with a Walkman.

3: The Prodigy, Firestarter – my youngest daughter, age 2, copying the dance moves and having me in fits of giggles.

4: Iron Maiden, Bring your daughter to the slaughter – my son, age 2, asking his Grandad if he could sing him a song and coming out with that…. I can still picture the look on Dad’s face now.

5:  Grandad, Clive Dunn – cheesy but It does clearly bring back that image of my so much loved Grandad.

6: Cliff Richard – Devil Woman. Now, relations between my Gran and Mum were never that great but the low point was certainly when my mum called a radio station to request ‘anything by Cliff Richard’ for my Gran. Naughty DJ!

7: Moby, We Are All Made of Stars – one of our wedding songs

8: Perfect Day – Lou Reed. This has a special memory of a particular day in Leicestershire in 1997.

9: Dr & the Medics, Spirit in the Sky – I know Clive. This takes me back to a night out in  Poole.

10: Florence & the Machine – The Girl With One Eye – my youngest daughter’s version of this with her guitar floating downstairs, quite magical.

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