Just do it

Something that has been a recurring theme over the past week or so is the question of how, in a world of risk assessment and long winded processes, how did this project ever get off the ground?

In Perth, at the Life ChangesTrust  gathering, I highlighted my terror at the sheer scale and breadth of the remit of this project and my wonder of how and where on earth I was going to begin.

And when the An Talla Solais team came over, they asked similar questions of how did we navigate risk assessments and lengthy processes and meetings?

Because of the skills of the team and because of the care and management experience, it was possible to negotiate risk assessments and turn them into a more enablement focused approach.

I also found that making a start on stand-alone events inspired and enabled NHS teams, for example,  to see potential benefits in real conversations while doing ordinary things offering feedback far more openly than on a form. Also benefits to staff feeling valued and involved, supported with time and experience to reach people on a more personal level. 

We are really hoping for additional benefits to become apparent in time, maybe reduced medication, hopefully benefits from feeding voices back to policy and decision makers.

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