All of our sessions welcome participation in whichever way a person feels comfortable and able. Some people have fully formed thoughts and sentences, others have fragmented words or single words and some use facial expressions or hand movements.

At the Museum, there is a wonderful ten minute film, which was shot with open cameras around the islands.

One lady, who came along with the Alzheimer Scotland group, went into the room with the projections on three walls and couldn’t contain her overwhelming surprise at what she saw, shouting ‘WOW!’ so loudly that everyone in the room shared the joy with her and giggled, some also agreeing softly ‘wow’. This lady was so happy to have shared that moment with the group, that whenever there was another ‘wow’ moment, such as flying off the top of the Clisham, she excitedly shared it with the group. It was wonderful to see this joyful and enthusiastic communication and it enhanced everyone’s experience of the film.


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