Dementia Awareness Week 16

For Dementia Awareness Week, we wanted to celebrate bilingualism and Gaelic Culture, so we decided to look deeper at the Gaelic proverbs/phrases that people visiting the Museum enjoyed reading and interpreting so much. We also found some Gaelic Proverb postcards from a previous project at An Lanntair that we can share as conversation starters and inspiration.

Over the next 3 weeks, we will bring sessions to people in care homes and day centres, discussing proverbs in English and Gaelic and possible interpretations, many of which have several interpretations (Jon Macleod will pick up this theme later with a blog post and some new research on bilingualism).

The resulting phrases and interpretations will be created to display on care centre walls.

We have been collaborating with Western Isles Hospital on Memory Cafe sessions recently. This is culminating in a Playlist for Life reminiscence session and personal data collection session on Monday 6th June at Western Isles Hospital. This is to support people in hospital with their own data key of personal reminiscence material that can go with them wherever they might go after hospital. It can also be used in hospital with relatives and staff.


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