Museum Nan Eilean preview trip

I took a group of people from Blar Buidhe Care Centre to visit the not-yet-open Museum today, as a preview with some wonderful staff support and Gaelic chat.

The Gaelic language was particularly welcomed and enjoyed, one lady was very proficient at reading it, which is not that common. Here you can see her reciting the proverb on the wall. It stopped her in her tracks as she walked by and recognised the words.

Everyone contributed memories and information about the exhibits.

Six of The Lewis Chessmen, on loan from the British Museum were much admired – one or two people had seen the originals at some point but most had seen replicas and were expecting these to be replicas too.

This gentleman was a teacher and ran the school chess club. He could not believe he was looking at some of the real chessmen.

Upstream transport reminiscence session at Solas today

The Upstream team flew in today to run a transport reminiscence session at Solas Day Centre.
We drew our journey inĀ  what we had seen this morning, which featured a bumpy flight landing, a black pudding sandwich, a wild hailstorm, a mini bus and a lamb.
We also reminisced about multitasking – walking with peats in a creel, while knitting, while singing.

Singing also featured in reminiscence about the island buses. And listening in on the gossip told by neighbours.
Everyone felt that some sense of community was lost with the increase in cars and personal transport.

Some people remembered that even when buses came to the islands, they still had to walk to school, although one lady had upgraded to a bicycle by then (even so, slower than the walkers up the hill!).

Memory Cafe at WIH Continues to grow

This afternoon, the Memory Cafe at Western Isles Hospital saw almost double the amount of people who came to the initial session. 

Nine people enjoyed tea, coffee, shortbread and cake with puzzles, magazines, chat and introductions of new faces.

Three relatives came along and three student nurses supported the session, along with Marion MacInnes from Alzheimer Scotland and myself. 

This week, the interest moved towards grown up colouring pages. We worked on a couple of them together and one lady took the butterfly stickers back with her as a memento of the session.

We used the posh china today, which sparked stories of the china cabinet and how it was brought out on special occasions only.

Back In The Day stories also featured as people remembered the stories and the people featured this week.

It is lovely to see people having the opportunity to socialise and chat together. 

Upstream meeting at Stornoway Airport

Brilliant meeting with most of the team at Stornoway Airport this morning. 

The Upstream Project guys were introducing their project and we all introduced ourselves with a drawing of our journey in. Mine featured a wild hailstorm.

The team at Stornoway Airport are great multitaskers, supporting each other to support their passengers and there are already some great models of care for customers with additional needs. 

I was personally very heartened by the genuine understanding, care and concern for people that was only amplified by the amount of people from a tiny team from Cafe staff, through Fire, Security, Facilities, Loganair and Deputy Management staff taking time out of their busy day to share thoughts about travel with dementia.