Playlist for Life

I’ve been supporting the hospital with Playlist for Life recently, looking at why this is so important for people who might find it difficult to express themselves in other ways and how to make the most of the opportunity.

The staff team felt that relatives and visitors could have a very important role to play in creating personal playlists because of how well they know the person but perhaps a questionnaire could be a good starting point.

I have, therefore,  put together a list of thoughts, ideas and starting points for discussion with the person to create a playlist and ideas to create a list for a person who is very withdrawn, so that while listening together with headphones and splitters, any responses can be built upon.

Our trial memory box has a tablet computer in there with Spotify downloaded (other music accounts and services are available!). This works on wifi within the hospital and many care homes, so that we can use it to create playlists and search for favourite songs on the service. The Chaplaincy at Western Isles Hospital also has a laptop where you may upload your own music for the person and put it onto an mp3 player if that works better for you.

The starting point list is below. I have also uploaded it as a document for you to download and print, in case that is helpful. Click on the version you want below.
pdf notes for playlist for life
word notes for playlist for life

Notes for creating a playlist for your friend/relative.

These songs are intended to be listened to together with headphone splitters, so imagine memories that you can share.

This is just a list as a starting point. You could brainstorm with the person…
Do you remember xyz’s wedding? What did we dance to?
What was that song we hated? ( it might be hilarious now).

Ideas to get you started:

Where did you first meet the person? Did you work together? What was played in the workplace or socially afterwards?
What was on the radio at the time?
Did they sing songs to you? Nursery rhymes? Playful songs?
Were you at school together? Was there a school song?
Did you attend church together? Any relevant music there?
Family events, wedding songs, parties, celebrations? Anything coming to mind from that?
Social activities – clubs, groups, sports?
Childhood groups – guides/scouts etc?
Holidays? Music from particular countries?

Did the person play an instrument, or their spouse, children?
Did you train together? Nursing? Teaching? Music from dancing in the evenings? From the radio at the time?
Did you share accommodation?
Did you live together as a family?
Music from television?
Music while cooking?
Anything a relative or friend used to whistle or sing regularly?
Did you see any shows? Favourite films? Musicals?
Does the person have a favourite musician/band or artist?
Was there a song about the person’s name? (Annie’s song….etc).

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