Events and sessions this month

This month, we have some exciting things happening within the project and to share with you.

This Saturday, 3rd September – Purvai Family Festival Day at An Lanntair welcomes you to come and enjoy the festival all day but especially at 3pm, where the children who have been enjoying the drumming workshops have a concert to perform to you led by Dalbir Singh Rattan and at 3.30pm there is a special Indian Kathak Dance solo performance for you, all in the Auditorium. These are all free and if you prefer to watch from the comfort of the Cafe Bar with a steaming mug of tea in your hands, all of the screens will be open.


13th/14th/15th September, the team are braving the (currently Very!) high seas to travel to Cealasaigh to harvest Marram grasses to use for our Woven Communities project work across the Uists next month. This is an intergenerational project and we will be working with school children to document the project. There are exciting developments with this project which may see an exhibition and some film yet, along with the new pieces that will be created from grasses.


Thursday September 29th Carers’ High Tea at An Lanntair – please book with Alzheimer Scotland.

Chris Hammacott has been busy creating some beautiful patchwork quilt cushion and tote bag projects to support carers across the islands to learn a new skill and retain a sense of self with crafting. This project will develop into sessions in care centres and day centres and kits will be available for carers who want to have a go at quilting. Anybody who wants to have a go can also use their own fabrics and the instruction sheets with templates that Chris is working on now. We will be filming short videos with her from 7th September to offer how-to instructions for quilting projects online and on DVD, these will be available from October.


Jon organised a gorgeous and hilarious ‘In Conversation’ interview between Jack Manchester in North Uist and John Maher (Photographer, ex Buzzcocks drummer, Performance Car Tuner) and we have some wonderful images from that interview soon. The editing is about to take place and we will have that podcast for you very soon.

The Waulking Songs session that we recorded in the Gallery recently will be edited shortly to make a podcast and CD of Waulking songs for our Memory Box relating to Tweed & Weaving and available online to listen to.


Later, there will be further sharing of Purvai across care centres – more news as this is confirmed.

Calum Martin has kindly offered some singing at care centres, possibly including some psalm singing, so keep watching for confirmation on that.

Catherine is bring the enormous map to care centres with me shortly. More news on that as it is confirmed.

Our Memory Cafes at Western Isles Hospital will be starting up again shortly, as soon as the final planning is complete.

If any carers are wanting to develop their arts career, get in touch with Alex Boyd at An Lanntair, he has a brilliant programme for supporting emerging artists, of all media.

We now have a Soundcloud account for our own recordings and our playlists we have selected from musicians who have supported our project, some Gaelic Psalm-singing and some waulking songs.

Our Youtube channel has some waulking songs clips on there and we are trialling some cook-along videos which might be helpful for people at home with problems with ordering tasks. Cooking along in real time is the aim and the dvds will come with a shopping list and list of items needed to make basic meals at home. This is in trial, so any suggestions for meals that take around then minutes or less are most welcome!

Take a look at our Projects page for information on past, present and future projects. Links will appear there for more information as time allows.

We are almost ready to recruit our South Isles posts. Our Remoage Collaboration is being confirmed now and we will then be able to advertise.

Our trial memory box is currently in North Uist. We will be trialling how the mobile library service works to move it to South Uist and Benbecula shortly. Then we will take it back to An Lanntair to look at the feedback and develop several themed boxes through the new South Isles practitioners.


If you love film, get yourself on Oriana’s mailing list for Pocket Cinema sessions which are conveniently in the afternoons, are in a small and cozy space and it only costs £2 including tea and cake! Heather and Oriana are working on dementia friendly screenings, too. They are likely to be on a Monday afternoon and feature happy, singalong style films (maybe even occasional requests!). There will be a breakout space. The sound will not be too loud, the room is smaller and cozier than the Auditorium and the lights will be up a little for orientation.


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