Travel day

I’m travelling today, to meet up with Jon and present the project to the first Community & Dementia Conference in Perth with Life Changes Trust tomorrow (21st Sept). I’m looking forward to reconnecting with all of the wonderful, inspirational awardees and our partners from Upstream and DEEP in particular.

On Thursday 22nd Sept, we will be attending the Scottish Dementia Awards in Glasgow as finalists, nominated for the best Dementia Friendly Community.

Exciting times!

Shortlist for Scottish Dementia Awards 2016
Community & Dementia Conference with Life Changes Trust in Perth
‘Restoring value in a bilingual community: ceilidh culture, hand memory & other creative approaches’ is our workshop session tomorrow afternoon. I’m presenting the unique voices of the people who connect with us and Jon is presenting our Woven Communities collaboration work with St. Andrew’s University and Hebridean Baskets. Maggie has sent a moving film about her Gaelic role and Heather will be with us in heart and spirit as she is unfortunately unwell. The entire An Lanntair team is supporting us and none of this would be possible without them and all of the wonderful Western Isles ¬†community and our fantastic partners.

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