Tuesday Ceilidh on the ward


Today’s Tuesday Ceilidh on the ward at Western Isles Hospital was enhanced by the Royal National Mod and by wonderful children. Do you think our ‘baby in a box’ scheme will catch on?


Heather brought the ever entertaining Noah along and Oliver brought the Mod to us, seeing as so many people in hospital were unable to attend personally. Oliver recited a Gaelic poem with incredible passion and emotion, even those of us without Gaelic were moved by his confident delivery of A Ghaoth (the wind) by Mairead Maciver. Oliver wore his Dementia Friends badge on his tie.

The rest of the hour included visitors joining us, we looked at pictures and village magazines, enjoyed the lovely china cups and the company of junior and senior staff alike.

We had eight visitors, six staff members, five patients, a volunteer, a member of the Alzheimer Scotland team and myself. The atmosphere was lively and happy, the buzz was very pleasant and sociable. Everyone left, having had a great time and Ellen Donnelly from Alzheimer Scotland said, ‘Lovely ceilidh today – lots of positive responses from attendees and supporters.’
Denise Symington, Health Board, said ‘Wasn’t it lovely today? I think even renaming it the Tuesday Ceilidh had a positive impact on the session.’
Speech and language team member said ‘This is great, it is going to be so useful for trainee staff, giving them confidence. It’s fun, too. Brilliant resources as well.’

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