Christmas baking

We spent a lovely afternoon at Solas Day Centre, baking some Christmassy treats.

Something that really moved me about the session was the care that everyone takes with each other. Look at this lady making sure that her friend is able to participate with her best hand. And the care that the staff team take with each individual person.

We used some modern techniques, to much hilarity as the aerosol icing made odd noises and the snowman took a nosedive into the luscious looking chocolate icing.

There was plenty of ingredients left over to make more shortbread and mince pies in the future sessions.

The aromas wafting out of the kitchen were wonderful and the results looked amazing. Some people took some pies and buns home, proudly, for relatives to share, and some were saved for tomorrow’s session tea break.

A little tearjerking moment at the end of the session….when I was presented wth a gorgeous Christmassy potted plant gift as a thank you for the support this year. It was a pleasure! I’ve really enjoyed the joy and self-confidence moments when we have worked on baking to create beautiful treats, the quilting, the storytelling, films, Gaelic phrases, singing and trips out to the Museum, shows, exhibitions and participation in local festivals to name just some of the things we have done this year. Merry Christmas to all of you and see you at An Lanntair tomorrow for White Christmas!

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