Carers’ Christmas Dinner

This evening was the Carers’ Christmas dinner at An Lanntair, through Alzheimer Scotland Lewis & Harris Branch. Volunteers, carers, people living with dementia and support staff enjoyed fantastic food at An Lanntair’s sparkly Christmas table setting, complete with photo booth props and glitter.

I had the unbelievably wonderful vegetarian haggis, made by the Chef at An Lanntair. It’s a good plan, I’ve never liked shop bought vegetarian haggis but this really works. I spotted some Puy lentils in there but the sublime texture and flavour remains a bit of a mystery. Perfect. Then I had the lemon posset, which was incredibly zesty and creamy and came with two pieces of shortbread that finished me off after the first piece – but thankfully there was an eager recipient at the table. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the beautiful looking Christmas Dinner and the sticky toffee pudding.

It’s been a wonderful year and it was fantastic to draw towards the close with taking some people up to see the quilter in residence exhibition. One lady hadn’t seen hers until that point and she danced along the walkway after seeing the dancers on her beautiful quilt. I don’t think anyone can wait until 22nd to get their quilts, bags and cushions back.

Conversation danced around HGV driving:
‘The worst place I ever drove was Singapore. An Army Truck. Pandemonium!’
‘The worst place I ever drove was Brazil’
‘Will you take me out practicing driving? If you’re driving….NO!’

And how couples married for a long time seem newlywed…
‘How long have you been together? ’39 years’
‘You?’ ’19 years’
‘You joke like newlyweds.’ ‘So do you two!’

Plans for Christmas:
‘Are you cooking on Christmas Day?’
‘Yes, I think I might – I treated myself to a deep fat fryer and a food processor!’
‘Buying your own Christmas presents, huh?’
‘If someone bought me kitchen appliances, there would be trouble…’

‘I’m just glad I’m out of hospital.’

And the inevitable…
‘Oh what’s that pudding? Sticky toffee?? Oh I’ll have one of those!’

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