Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group for Dementia Reconvenes

Last evening, the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group for dementia reconvened. 

The Dementia Policy Lead for the Scottish Government, David Berry, presented Scotland’s third National Dementia Strategy and then Jim Pearson, Alzheimer Scotland’s Director of Policy & Research set out Alzheimer Scotland’s vision for change.

The group discussion focussed around inequalities in provision and gaps. Also the reality of caring and the issues around that were raised. 

Human rights were raised as a reason for offering timely support appropriate to the person rather than a blanket post diagnostic offer – Anna Buchanan raised this and Agnes Houston expressed her personal experience of feeling less supported after that post diagnosis period.

Jim Pearson agreed to go and see what it is like for a day supporting carers. 

There was a strong turnout of more than 40 people from many different organisations – Government, Alzheimer Scotland, carers, people with dementia, charities, NDCAN, health, many people across disciplines joining together to commit to meeting up for the purpose of discussing and improving dementia support across Scotland.

Next meeting date tbc.

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