Today’s ward ceilidh at Western Isles Hospital

Today’s theme was birthdays, as Heather has her birthday tomorrow.

We played with balloons and ate jelly and cake, while talking about when our birthdays are, baking triumphs and disasters and the conversation moved into our favourite ages and what we do or did for work.

One of the student nurses talked about how on the ward, her clinical role takes over and she doesn’t always remember to talk to the person, but after having this experience on the ceilidh, getting to know one lady in particular a lot better and seeing her playful side playing with the balloons, she feels she will take this knowledge and learning back to the ward.

One of the student nurses who also works at An Lanntair is going to Uist in a few weeks, so she will be able to support similar sessions further south if that is something the people want to participate in there.

The balloons seemed to create a relaxed and childlike playful atmosphere and supported people to interact across the group.

Heather supported an evaluation session afterwards as well as taking lots of pictures and details down during the session. This evaluation will be invaluable towards sharing the learning to support others in hospital further afield.

Three patients came along, supported by several senior staff, nursing staff and student nurses, along with Heather Baillie and myself, Paula Brown.

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