Clisham garden sensory feedback session

Continuing on from the meeting on the ward last week, where the Interact Club of local young people is partnering up with the NHS Western Isles and Alzheimer Scotland as well as ourselves to revamp the Clisham garden area in time for summer, I was tasked with supporting people staying on the ward to offer their preferences and ideas for planting choices and potential colours of paint for the exterior.

To assist with including people with higher support needs in the selection of planting and growing items for the next phase of the ward garden, after clearing and weeding, I held a short session today. I took along various items with strong fragrance, colours, tactile items, seed packets, flowers, edible items and we had a sensory selection session this afternoon. We will do something similar with potential paint colours shortly.

The results were:

lettuce – no interest so far
onions – only the slightest flicker of interest. Memories of growing them out of necessity, mostly.
apples – nobody seemed remotely interested
rosemary – strong aroma, interesting and thinking of roast lamb dinners and potatoes
thyme – strong aroma, no real reference point but interesting to smell
blackberries – gone in a flash! Yes please, lots of eager interest, Autumn, pies with apples, smell, taste, touch, have grown them before, prickly, going picking with family and friends
strawberries – gone in a flash, smell, taste, touch, colour, growing them at home, summer, cakes, juice down our chins (request for raspberries too)
potatoes – these are small, we grew big ones, the bigger the better. Definitely potatoes but big ones.
round carrot seeds – interesting, curious, round carrots? Yes grow carrots – plus these will be interesting to see what they taste like
chard – no idea. No interest.
marigold seeds – shrug
sunflower seeds – definitely yes! Big ones, really really tall ones.
tomatoes – yes, if we keep them warm. They smell good.
primroses – Mothers Day, Spring, seasonal. Colours. Yes.
tulips – they look nice but don’t last long inside or out
daffodils – yes. Colour in early Spring. And the little ones, narcissi
Hyacinth – yes, colour and the fragrance. Lilac and blue, interesting colours. touch, they are a nice shape.


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