Friday Ceilidh

It is impossible to capture the spirit of the 6.30-9pm Stornoway Friday Ceilidh at the Retirement Centre, Bayhead so I’ll leave it to Catherine.

‘I haven’t had so much fun in ages, I’m usually in watching the telly. This is on every Friday? Wow, I’ll walk down. It’s very homely isn’t it? Great craic!’

I love catching up with people and familiar faces here. I know at least half of the people by sight or better. Maggie Smith organises the session and it’s only £3 including gorgeous home baking and tea/coffee. It’s a lovely treat to round off the week.

The music is a selection of traditional English and usually Gaelic songs and some Scottish piping and accordion tunes. There are usually some traditional instruments there and some great voices. It depends on who comes, who is able to come on the night but that is part of the fun, never knowing whether you will see a certain singer or enjoy fiddles or something different.

Some people dress up……we had disco hair Santa today….some dance, some chat and catch up with neighbours and some get up and sing. Some serve teas and coffees, cakes and wash up, some just come to enjoy the warm, neighbourly atmosphere.

And occasionally it is a birthday party – today, gorgeous 5 year old Jasmine had her birthday with us and she had the most beautiful cake with a guitar on it. Happy birthday Jasmine!

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