DEEP Gathering



We had a fantastic time at the Inverness DEEP gathering this week.

We were so well looked after and the event was planned so well that it was easy to navigate and orientate ourselves around the hotel.

I think a very clear comment from the session was ‘I don’t feel so alone now’ and another was ‘My dementia family’ so it is clear to see the value of the bonds and connections made during the event. The food was incredible, the beds enormous and the evening ceilidh was hilarious and filled with fantastically obscure songs and beautifully performed poetry.

Paul and Philly facilitated the event to ensure that everybody had the opportunity to talk about what is important to them and that the issues were whittled down to two, which were discussed in depth and genuine action is now happening to tackle them.

If you weren’t able to attend this gathering but would like to attend the next one in Edinburgh late May/early June, then please consider it.  Paula will be on hand to help as your assistant and you may bring someone to help you if you prefer. It is completely free and you will be in the company of some really lovely people who help each other and work together to support each other and people across the UK.

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