A Day in the Life

It was a wonderful day today, which started with Granny baking for the Western Isles Hospital ward cafe. Today, we had a Welsh Bara Brith, which is a fairly sturdy spiced tea soaked fruit bread with a honey glaze and butter, which comes from my Welsh granny. Also a sponge cake with cream and stewed apple, which is inspired by my Portsmouth Granny, who taught me to bake and used apples (and cream) a great deal.

Next was a 9am (ish) meeting at the Health Board with Denise Symington (twitter @pfpinhswi) and Marion MacInnes (twitter @alzscotmmac) where we discussed the forthcoming Memory Garden work, the hospital ceilidhs, Dementia Awareness Week, film club, the DEEP ward vinyl, social media communication and many other things.

Next, a quick dash back to the (thankfully close) office, where a morning of printing and laminating took way longer than anticipated and I barely made it out in time to the hospital in time, although I did take a second to admire the incredible Barra Bunting at An Lanntair and take a quick picture while I could!

At the hospital, I supported the hospital ward ceilidh, where we had 7 people from the wards, two fantastic volunteers and myself (Paula) together with senior nurse Jimmy Myles, several student nurses and nurses and Denise Symington and Helen Gallacher too. There was a joyful buzz while everyone enjoyed and discussed Alex Boyd’s images for the forthcoming DEEP project vinyl. Joyful munching of cake and slurping of tea, too. I left the images in the Erisort Day Room for anyone to look at again, at leisure.

After a quick clean up, I went next door to Clisham ward to ask for responses to the images there too. We had some lovely discussions and conversations, comments and responses. I left the A4 laminated images on Clisham ward for Etta, the activities lady to continue to work with.

Homeward and a quick bite to eat before typing up the responses to the images that Alex gave us, blogging here, tweeting and facebooking and responding to the other DEEP vinyl colour work that was done while I was working today.

A fantastic day, that I am certain was helped along by Denise’s fantastic coffee and treats first thing this morning and the incredible images that it was a joy to share.



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