Alex Boyd’s DEEP work continues

Since Alex Boyd’s projections and Smart Screen slide show on Friday, where we all had an opportunity to  have a first look at his images, taken in response to feedback from everyone on the wards at Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway, I printed the images in A3 size to have a look at during today’s Hospital Ceilidh on Erisort Ward.

The next step will be to laminate them and show them around everyone to see what they think of the images and record thoughts, feedback and selections in order to come up with a top ten image selection. These top ten images will be showcased on a board within the hospital for patients to select from, whether they are coming for outpatient appointments or whether they are in hospital long or short term. There will be a simple voting and feedback system.

The favourite image will then be printed as a vinyl image for the wall on Erisort Ward day room.

Today’s ceilidh was a very personal one for a lady in hospital enjoying the full attention of her lovely daughter and the staff team that came along. Some sessions have fifteen people, some six or seven, some sessions have one or two but this is the nature of hospital admissions – it depends who is well on the day.

Look out for our next Arora Film Club on the ward – we will set a regular day and time when we have spoken with everyone to see when they would most like it.

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