Birds on the ward


Today, Gill Thompson came along to Clisham Ward, Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway, and made a start on the art pieces for the Memory Garden with one gentleman, respecting his interest in birds.

Gill showed us an ink plate that she has used to make prints for cards (see below) and showed how it feels with the relief and recess on the plate.

She came up with a jigsaw collage method of creating a tactile bird relief image, which the gentleman was able to stick down with Gill and he spent some time feeling around the outline of the bird and the way the beak and legs felt.

The way that Gill tests her print relief images is to make a rubbing from them before printing, and this is what we did with the bird shapes, in order to leave something behind on the ward while Gill works on the next stage (Robins to work with a lady who said she really likes them).

The gentleman had a little session drawing some grass and making a rubbing with a brown wax crayon, which created a new kind of rubbing image, which he was then able to admire against his book of birds.

A member of staff laminated the images and put them up on the wall.

Gill will return in around a week with the next set of birds to work with another lady and when the birds are complete, they will be used to make digital print images of shoreline, moorland and garden birds, which will be printed on weatherproof board for the garden (see Gill’s sketch).




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