Today’s Dementia Friendly screening was Dambusters, by special request.

12 of us enjoyed tea/coffee and soft drinks along with cake and good company in An Lanntair’s Pocket Cinema on the third floor.

‘The quality of it was really good, has it been remastered?’
‘It’s so nice to get out and it’s such a nice day.’
‘Oh hello! How are you? (we were school friends, you know! Many years ago).’
“I enjoyed that.’
‘Thanks very much”
‘Same day next month?’
‘Ooh chocolate!’
That looks nice, thank you.’
‘No singalong today with this film!’

were some of the comments and more requests for future screenings came forward.

One lady (who loves music very much) was conducting the theme tune and waving her hands in perfect time at each musical interlude, finishing with a sweeping flourish at the end of the music.

More films are being screened across the Uists and Barra – also in hospitals and care centres so watch out for Arora Film Club posters.



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