Doing dementia differently 

Last night, Rachel Niblock from DEEP and myself were honoured and moved to be able to show the Lazy Corner image to the wonderful people gathered at Stockport Plaza for the annual Doing Dementia Differently event.

The event was put together by the brilliant Mark Perry and featured the work of the YODEL group and allotment (young onset dementia enjoying life) and Singing for the Brain group, the incredible intergenerational choir, the drop in group, Educate, plus there were incredible poetry readings and informative films as part of the evening.

People living with dementia clearly lead the work here and they, in turn, shared with us what the projects mean to them.

It was a very emotional night. The poetry was immensely moving. The singing was heavenly and I sang along loudly and joyfully until the final song ‘We Shall Overcome.’ Oh my, how relevant this was. Everyone on stage holding hands and singing such incredible words, holding hands together. ‘Oh deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome some day.’ I was gone, I couldn’t sing the words, I was so choked up.

There was a surprise finale of Let’s Twist Again, with some gorgeous young dancers on the stage, together with a wonderful gentleman showing his best moves but the star of the show was the lady dancing in the aisle with her daughter, after being part of the gorgeous choir. I have no idea how she found the energy but she was by far the best dancer!

And all of this in Stockport’s Art Deco theatre, the Plaza, lovingly restored by a community of volunteers. How appropriate.

Well done to everyone. It was wonderful to finally meet Rachel after she has spent so much time retweeting our project tweets!


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