How we do dementia

I was thinking today about how sad it is that ‘doing dementia differently’ has to be so different. 

This kind of togetherness, community, people with dementia taking the lead and communicating how it feels, should be how we do dementia, together.

The ‘othering’ of people living with dementia needs to stop. We are our community, all of us. 

This project work through An Lanntair has found that art can support people to have a voice when words fail. Dance and expressive movement is communication. Colour working an image to highlight the important aspects is communication. Singing, laughing along to a film, gathering at a Ceilidh and smiling at the person across the room, it’s all language. Life story work expressed in quilted form, sharing how to twine a rope or mend a net, or knit. It’s all communication and language. 

Our project work and the work in Stockport, the work of Life Changes Trust, DEEP and many, many other incredible projects across the UK are doing dementia differently but my sincere hope is that this will become not so different in time, that it will become just ‘how we do dementia’, together.

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