Care & Create

Art Works, the Care Inspectorate and Luminate ran an event last week entitled Care & Create, Arts and Older People and we were invited to present our work in care centres to the gathering of people across the Arts and Care sectors from the UK and Europe.

Throughout the day, our individual and combined questions and thoughts were written down and gathered, to be addressed at the end with our pooled set of skills and experiences, which was wonderful. Many helpful discussions came forth, based on the talks from Wales, the Netherlands, the Western Isles of Scotland, England, mainland Scotland and from the curiosity and experience of the teams running the event.

I was incredibly inspired by the development of arts projects and how far they can go, based on the incredible festival work happening in the Netherlands. Have a look at the image of the programme for more information.

The inter presentation chats were fantastic too, with one gentleman pointing out that although arts projects can develop incredibly well, he finds that the process is just as important and that creating masks for Halloween in the care home can be every bit as valuable an experience if the people involved are enjoying it and taking something useful from it. And that the process matters more than the outcome. It is the same with our project and for example the dance sessions – these are not aiming for a performance of international quality but we are aiming at equally worthy goals of improved mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence and that connection with ourselves that is able to bring forth expression and communication on many levels.

My own presentation was based on the work we do in care centres but also highlighting how we reach people on a personal level and how we recognise and facilitate art as a language in itself, particularly important where words fail.

I also met a member of the board for the Intergenerational Certificate online course that I am currently working on, which was briliant. And I met our lovely Kate’s best friend Morag, who works for Creative Scotland. These ladies were neighbours and school friends as children and even look spookily alike!

Thank you Edyta and the entire team for the seamless flow of the day, the brilliant gathering of incredible speakers and delegates and thank you for the honour of inviting us to participate and share our knowledge and skills.

3 thoughts on “Care & Create

  1. I am delighted to be following this blog. It is very inspiring ! I have just recently stopped working as an inspector in an older people’s team and have always been strongly aware of the value of the arts in care services. I would be very interested to hear about the online inter- generational course you are planning . Thankyou Elspeth

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