Digital Dining!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been successful, in collaboration with Dementia Friendly East Lothian, in our bid for DEEP funding for digital dining. Sue Northrop explains a little more in her newsletter. This idea came from Cathy, who attended the DEEP gathering in Inverness from the Western Isles too. We are all very keen to make this happen as soon as we can, as the idea came right from the DEEP gathering in Inverness and could make an immediate difference to the people who wanted it and many more people who perhaps didn’t realise it was possible.

“What on earth is Digital Dining?” you may ask. Well, we’d be right with you! But we’re determined to find a way…. It all started in Inverness at a DEEP Gathering when Agnes from Glasgow and Alison & Pat from East Lothian were chatting about how good it was to eat together. Eating can get lonely when you have dementia and what would happen if people could eat together digitally? Many people living with dementia use iPads and tablets to connect with people round the world, can we make it work for eating too?  Agnes, Alison & Pat threw us the challenge and thanks to funding from DEEP, we’re going to see what we can do!  DFEL will be teaming up with Paula Brown from Arora Dementia Friendly Community in the Western Isles and Philly Hare from Innovations in Dementia to organise a digital dining event. Interested? Get in touch! 

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