The Final 16!

Check out the incredible range of digital images whittled down by people in hospital to a final 16 from Alex Boyd’s DEEP funded project vinyl for Erisort Ward.
Alex Boyd’s website
DEEP website

Laminated prints will be on display at Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway’s Cafe area for a week from Monday 10th July (next week) so that people in hospital can cast a vote for their favourite image to be printed large scale for the wall of the Day Room on Erisort Ward. VOTING is by writing your favourite’s number and putting it in the box in the hospital cafe in Stornoway, by emailing, via twitter @dfclanntair or with the hashtag #AlexBoydNHSWI .

The images all have a little label with a number on and comments about why the image was shortlisted as a favourite.

Some of the comments include

‘oh the detail in the grass!’
‘It’s very clear isn’t it’
The blues, the incredible blues!’
‘I was told such stories about the caves, I was frightened to go in them as a child’
‘It feel protective, safe’
‘Morning light is bright and hopeful, don’t you think? But the evening light is more mellow and golden, peaceful.’
‘Bran? Why was he called Bran?’
‘He looks an old dog, is he old?’
‘Is that up the Clisham?’
‘Who lived there? Who built it?’
‘Was that a gamekeeper’s hut? Or for the sheep? Or weaving?’
‘Oh, just look at that sheep! (giggle)’
‘There’s a heart on the beach! I left my heart on the beach a few times!’

And of the images that were not selected

‘I loved the peats, oh the smell and the tea.’
‘That road, does it go to the shore?’
‘I love the bog cotton but it’s quite seasonal, it won’t feel right in winter.’
‘Those snowy mountains, it makes me feel a bit cold. I want to feel warm in here.’

If you are at the hospital next week, go along and have a look at the Cafe display.
Also, Tues July 11th the ward ceilidh is on as usual and on Weds 12th July at 2pm, we are holding an Arora Film Club on Erisort Ward. Come and laugh at our original version of a brand new film – we all need a refresher of the local faces in this alcohol inspired movie!



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