Gull & Robin

On Thursday 6th July, Gill Thompson and I worked with everyone on Clisham Ward, Western Isles Hospital,  who was up and out of bed and with one lady who was in her room. Gill brought along some images of gulls and robins, plus a gorgeous RSPB book to share, which one gentleman enjoyed reading the title of.

The gull was a source of fun for one gentleman, who was happy about it’s ‘yellow legs’ and the robin in flight was greatly enjoyed as well. We had a lovely chat about noisy corncrakes and the kinds of birds found in North Uist, such as the snipe.

We looked at the images and book before getting on with two more tactile bird collage pieces that we tested with a wax crayon to the print take-up. Leaving these testers on the ward to laminate, Gill took the collaged gull and robin in flight back to her studio to join the oystercatcher and perching robin from previous sessions to print with.

Gill is coming back to the ward on Thursday 13th July to show us some of the background panel work she is putting together for the Memory Garden.


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