Recently we were reminiscing with pebbles at Sacred Heart and Trianaid Care Homes…

I’ve got one like that I collected on the beach and I keep it on the windowsill here

We collected colourful shells, filled a bottle and then put a light in the top

Remember the shell bus?

When people went on holiday they used to bring her back shells from all over the world

Me and her Granddaughter used to gather the shells for her

A cowrie is a ‘faighdeag’

I remember someone who used to collect pebbles and she had a machine to cut them and polish them up

We never learnt to swim, we were all told to keep away from the water that it wasn’t safe

I like the smooth ones


The rocks at the back of Heisger they’re very unusual


Which one do you think is heavier?




With lime or rhubarb.

Spread it out on the ground, they say you should leave it out for at least one rain shower to wash off the salt and then once it’s dry you collect it.

It’s the best thing for you. 


Yes I grew that in the garden

It smells lovely

It’s strong

Bog Cotton

Canach- leathann that’s what we called it 

 Ragged robins…they’re my favourite.

 Honeysuckle and wild grasses

You can pick that down by the loch on the corner and the smell just hits you first and then you see it.

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