Catching up with Kate

I had a lovely catch up with Kate today (Kate is such a force of nature, I do have to run to keep up with her 🙂 and we chatted about all of the brilliant work she has been doing across the Uists and Benbecula.

We chatted about the new carer Me Time art form ceilidhs, the post diagnosis work along the same lines, hospital vinyls, the Blar Buidhe vinyl project being in the Stornoway Gazette this week, Playlist for Life work coming up, the intelligent textiles, sound recording, reminiscence work, the memory boxes, dance, a digital link between Iochdair School and Sacred Heart Care Centre, Ceolas having a new dance officer, amongst many other things.

Kate has been cycling up from Barra  on a yarn bombed bicycle (by Gina) as a trial for a cycling event in April 18. Have a look at her fabulously adorned cycle!

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