Cyanotype Glasses

We were fortunate to have the pleasure of photographer Mhairi Law’s company all day on Thursday 26th October.

We spent some time in the morning at Dun Eisdean Care Centre in Stornoway, working on cyanotypes. The image of the day was the playful print of a lady’s glasses.

The session was very playful and the instant reaction of the (safe) chemicals under UV light in Mhairi’s light box was immensely welcomed. We were able to wash and present the images back to residents immediately.

We also printed feathers for the memory of so many feathers on the croft, and another lady wanted to print snowflakes. Mhairi had a little boat, which left ghostly images as though it was sailing in fog. Very appropriate for the season!

We passed around and discussed Mhairi’s collection of images created with cyanotype process, salt printing and albumen printing. The abstract prints were discussed with curiosity and the more recognisable prints such as hands and nets were instantly picked up and enjoyed.

Mhairi experimented with different colour papers this time and we were able to leave two completed trays of A5 prints behind. I’ll drop some frames around, shortly, for them.

Comments included:

‘well, you think there is nothing new under the sun, don’t you? And then this…’
‘so it’s like an x-ray?’
‘oh it’s a fishing net, he is mending it, I see his hand’
‘we had so many feathers on the croft, for brushing, for stuffing pillows and cushions…’
‘I can’t see the pictures, you are printing my glasses! I can’t see! (giggle)’
‘I enjoyed that’

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