The Power of Spontaneity

At Chris Hammacott’s textiles session last week, Cathy asked about my plans for the week and mentioned that she hadn’t been to Harris in a long while, when I mentioned the dance session coming up at Harris House.

I was, because of the nature of this work, able to agree that we would go together.

We set out for Tarbert on sunny Friday 27th October and had to stop to take some photographs on the way. Aren’t Cathy’s pictures wonderful? I had no idea what they would be like until I uploaded them to the laptop and sent them on to her. I took some images of the moment, myself, by way of diarising the day.

I’m so grateful that Cathy came along – you will see in a new post and set of images shortly just how valuable Cathy’s contribution to the dance day was. And of course, these images serve as a powerful memento.

I’m also immensely grateful for the spontaneity that this project allows me. The freedom to say ‘yes’ is overwhelmingly important for me to be able to effectively support people in the moment.

I love the purple ray of light, too, invisible through the lens at the time. It’s as though it was pointing out the value of one person. You. You are important. You are going to make some peoples’ day in a short while. Thank you for coming.

This moment and the moments that followed wouldn’t have happened without the freedom to be spontaneous. Thank you to Life Changes Trust, to DEEP and to An Lanntair for the power of spontaneity.


NB: DEEP funded dance project session at Harris House, my time and all the knowledge gained through the project funded by Life Changes Trust and everything else by An Lanntair.

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