Me Time Duff & Flowers

Today’s Me Time session in Ness was based around taking up the ideas of carers to talk about duff and the different ways of making it plus the flower arranging with Chris Hammacott, requested at the last session.

The Alzheimer Scotland Carer’s session runs each month on the first Friday of the month 1.30-3.30 and we were supporting it today with some Me Time project work as Chris Macleod was away.

I took along a Polish plum cake, which is very similar to Austrian and New York versions but this was did not have whisked egg whites and had yoghurt, vanilla paste and lemon zest to flavour the batter.

Nobody wanted to be recorded talking about the duff but we had some wonderful chat about the microwave versions and how to make them, the fact that boiled duff is the only one with the skin, and that when you make the microwave version with eggs, you need to cool the batter after the initial microwave for a few minutes, so that the eggs don’t scramble.

We talked about how we all adapt recipes and it was decided from a taste test that Margaret’s duff recipe was really good but cutting corners with a half sized one does not mean that I can cut an hour off the boiling time! The smaller ones were well cooked, though, the ‘dufflings’. There were 1/4 size and cooked in an hour and a quarter. I dried them in the range over to set the skin.

Chris Hammacott led a floristry class, with everyone creating a gorgeous floral centrepiece that they were proud of. I managed to get a picture of all of them.

There were 7 of us in all and we had a brilliant time.

Comments during the flower session included:

‘well, it looks do-able!’
“I’ll tell my friends and neighbours that I made this and they won’t believe me!’
‘It’s very therapeutic, isn’t it?’
‘Mine looks round, like a duff.’
‘Oh I like that! Doesn’t it look wonderful?’
‘I’ve had a lovely time, thank you.’
‘are we taking them home? I thought we were going to sell them, we could, you know.’
‘It’s amazing that a few bits from the garden and a handful of flowers can make this.’



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