Textiles at Harris House

We enjoyed a brilliant session at Harris House in Tarbert today, with Chris Hammacott, textile Artist, delivering completed projects and starting new ones.

One gentleman spoke of the meaning behind colours. He said green is for grief and you wouldn’t put green on anything to be given as a gift. And that red is for danger. Blue is for love. There was much hilarity as to the ‘danger’ of a red headed woman and the Gaelic phrase about ‘don’t get between the redhead and the cliff’ came up too!

One lady was doubtful she could ever create a cushion but was thrilled at how the paints flood into the spaces created by the gold gutta. She is from the same village as Chris Hammacott and they talked excitedly about a shared neighbour. ‘Please tell her I think of her often and remember her kindly. I miss her.’

A gentleman working with me on a cushion had trouble gripping the brush but really enjoyed watching the colours flood into the flowers in front of him. ‘Look at that!’ ‘I like the red’.

Another lady had her finished cushion returned to her and in typical island humility, she could hardly accept that it was a gift to her. ‘Oh no! Really?’

A gentleman was thrilled at how his cushion had turned out. The blue background that he chose to match his football team colours was very much a striking contrast against his bright red poppies and he was excited to give it to his sister as a Christmas gift.

We met a lady from Bradford on Avon and had a session of three southern girls laughing together as we created a worry doll mermaid. The shells covering her modesty were a great source of hilarity as well as her long, flowing green hair.

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