Weaving amongst Weaving Ghosts

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with Dawn Susan today, weaving beachcombed rope into new designs amongst Lois Walpole’s Weaving Ghosts exhibition at An Lanntair.

The talk ranged from heather rope, through crofting and village life, on to intelligent textiles, with a new piece in progress from our wonderful PhD student, Lucy Robertson.

Maria, our fantastic new volunteer came along and supported us today and she left inspired to beachcomb and see what she could do with her new found skills.

11 people came along and either chatted or stayed. We enjoyed a lovely, sunshiney lunch in the Cafe bar, overlooking a sparkling harbour and finished the day with some images of our work by way of a tribute to Lois’s, laid out alongside hers.

I had made rope before both with natural materials of grass, reed, straw and synthetic bailer twine but never with recycled pieces. It is a different experience, working with more fragile pieces. I was very pleased with the result.


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