Intelligent Crofting

I took Lucy Robertson, our PhD Student along to meet Chris Hammacott, Textile Artist today, at her croft. We were thrilled to be given a gorgeous piece of tweed with the tied on strands because this was a test piece from Chris learning to weave and proving ability on the double width loom for the mill.

Lucy and Chris started chatting about possibilities and project ideas, how processes of weaving Intelligent Textiles might work, the kinds of responses that can be built in to the fabrics and we booked a spinning lesson with her for after the Scalpay group on Monday afternoon.

Lucy is keen to see all of the processes that go in to creating local fabrics from the grass to the finishing and I’m fascinated by the ideas that both of them are coming up with. Wearable memory technology is coming together with the idea for this new piece of tweed, for our Cuimhne Symposium in April.

We then used the tweed for a waulking song in a care home in Stornoway in the afternoon. See previous blog!

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