Memory Tree planning

We went to the Sanctuary space today and met with Helen from the Chaplaincy at Western Isles Hospital.

Chris Hammacott is working on a design for the memory tree in the space.

Coincidentally, Chris has been making baby gowns for a baby loss charity and this space is used once a month by a group of women who have lost babies. Chris is going to meet with the group and work with them on creating a memory tree wall hanging that will be supportive and meaningful, not only to their group but to everyone using the Sanctuary space, for all of the reasons that somebody might use it.

It was quite a moving meeting. Jo from Tagsa Uibhist was visiting and her experience of past work brought more to the conversation about emotions and support. We all talked about experiences of hospital, of worry, of helplessness, of a sudden change, of hope, of gratitude, of loss.

We talked about memories and how the need to remember a person or emotion does not diminish and that everyone has something close to their heart to remember.

Helen remarked ‘three girls, all with different perspectives all bringing something to the space, it’s lovely.’ And your lovely self, Helen.

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