Tuesday Ceilidh

Today’s Ceilidh on Erisort Ward saw 4 staff and, Ellie from Alzheimer Scotland, Chris Hammacott and myself gather with three visitors and five people coming from the wards. Talk was about a family accordion player, who composed reels for each person in the family and for special groups and occasions such as graduations and weddings, and the nurses on the medical ward.

We also had some conversation about who knew who, as is usual at these gatherings – one lady had been a teacher at Stornoway Primary and was remembered well by most people at the gathering – one gentleman mentioned ‘it’s okay as long as there is only one!’ It seems two teachers would be just too much.

We passed around Chris’s base for the Memory Tree in progress for the hospital Sanctuary space, letting everyone know that this precious resource will be available to everyone shortly.

Chris Hammacott taught some drop spindle techniques with a vivid orange fleece and this time, even I almost managed it. She must be a truly wonderful teacher. One of the nurses tried to convince me that she was a worse quilter than I am a spinner – she failed. It can’t be possible but I am improving slightly.

I left the tulips with a lady on the ward who had attended last week but was asleep this week. She woke up just at the end of the session, so I left the flowers with her. Her face lit up that she had been included and remembered. ‘They are lovely thank you.’

The ward has a collection of resources to use at the weekly gatherings and Ellie from Alzheimer Scotland always has some interesting news. Today, she was talking about the cruise ship, which came into Stornoway but was unable to dock, which raised a lot of interest among the gentlemen at the end of the table, while munching ginger cake and Stroopwaffels.



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