Human Rights, Citizenship and Dementia Conference 1st May 2018, Life Changes Trust

img_1084This was an emotional day. I was grateful for the Paths For All walk at lunchtime around the park in Perth and I was grateful for my habit of not wearing mascara.

So often, we hear about people doing their utmost to stay positive and live well with dementia (often against so much to fight with internally and externally) and in my work, I am enabled to focus on the bright moments that art can offer, the facilitation of communication that relationships offer and it all feels quite positive.

However, for so many people, unpaid carers people living with dementia, it is such an immense struggle, highlighted by the TiDE carers presentation today. I would be surprised if anyone could hear that powerful session from brave and resilient carers without feeling a deep sense of hurt alongside them. I was almost holding it together until Anna Buchanan gave her emotional contribution at the end of the morning.

Oh my goodness, we all feel for you, we are all supporting you and we all want to help.

Lucy Robertson came along and showcased her sonic flock work with us, and I also took along the memory tree from Chris Hammacott for the Western Isles Hospital Sanctuary Space. We showcased the bar reel from Cuimhne and the Uist Quadrilles film. See below.

I was honoured to speak on a panel about Dementia Friendly Communities after lunch. We took several questions and I hope that the island perspective helped.

The academic viewpoint also supported the day, it was enlightening to hear such academic support and it parallels nicely with our own work with Universities and academic partners.

I saw lovely Moira Lamont there, I’m sure we will catch up with her on Uist soon.

And a little video of our view from our lunchtime stand

Uist Quadrilles project film

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