Scottish Ballet three times in one day!

Well they say you can’t have too much of a good thing and it was certainly the case with Scottish Ballet on Friday 4th May.

The wonderful team (in various parts) joined us first at Solas Day Centre, where we were joined by the group from Grianan for some beautiful group dancing to live piano music based on the Highland Fling production touring right now. We did some ceilidh dancing, some partner dancing, we introduced ourselves with our names and actions to go with it and we learned some storytelling moves with scarves and a set of bells.

Next, it was back to the office to complete the financial year and end of project accounts and then a speedy walk to Dun Berisay. Here, we enjoyed piano music again and as many residents needed to be seated, we shared a parachute dance together, which was a lovely group activity to live music, along with some scarf dancing and each taking turns to dance with Miriam.

Finally, we went to Dun Eisdean, where we met Principal Dancer Beth, who shared her point shoes and passed them around, had a little dance with everyone one to one and then we did some arm warm up movements, followed by some scarf dancing. Then Beth simply danced for us, to gasps, exclamations of ‘oh, wow’ and ‘amazing, isn’t she beautiful?’ and even ‘Oh, HeLLO!’ to fits of giggles. The most adorable question was ‘if I had a pair of those shoes, would I be able to do that?’.

Maggie and Louise joined all of the sessions, to learn from the process and to facilitate and support everyone to participate with familiar faces.

Here is Beth in slo-mo, dancing around Dun Eisdean:

And here is Miriam at Dun Berisay, enabling everyone to dance, even a gentleman seated in a wheelchair with the use of one of his hands was enabled to fully participate, which he appreciated, enjoyed and it was just perfect.

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