Caring Hands planting in Ness

Chris Hammacott offered a lovely session making outdoor planters today, for the carers at the Dementia Friendly Cafe run by Alzheimer Scotland (usually) on the first Friday of each month.

These planters featured a gorgeous Geranium centrepiece with Lobelia, Nasturtium, Busy Lizzies, Begonias, Pansies and little seeds to drop between. I am hoping we get to see some pictures of when they all start blooming.there was much laughter about the Ness wind and how we were going to support the little plants to survive in the gales (where is the summer, by the way?) and we decided that we might need to bring them in to porches in cold spells until we are properly in to summer.

Every care partner is in a unique situation, by the very nature of caring and we have been supporting people who care in many different ways.

With kits made with the kinds of techniques taught at evening classes, made by the Artists themselves, to support people who want to come to evening classes but are unable to find ways to be freed up to do so. Everything needed to complete a project is included in the kits, along with an instruction sheet and often a video.

With teaching in towns and villages where people live, such as on Scalpay and in Ness, because travel can add to the time needed to participate and removing this barrier can support people to learn new skills or reconnect with past pleasures.

With gatherings, offering a space to gather and support each other.

With supporting other organisations and partners, where possible and where needed, in order to support community cohesion and support each other to achieve more and to reach more people.

Alzheimer Scotland run a series of dementia friendly cafe sessions across Lewis and Musical Memories travels around Harris venues.

This session was recorded on camera by Chris and she will be writing about it for a gardening magazine shortly.

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