Firemen and a wind cockerel

5 people from the wards, three staff and a visitor joined me for the ward ceilidh today, after I managed to get to the ward – there was a fire alarm.

We still started on time and enjoyed the open windows in glorious weather. I brought along summery treats – strawberries, raspberries, scones with crowdie and cream, lemon meringue pie and some seasonal irises and roses for the table.

We had a go at making a wind cockerel and a badag. There was no wind to make it fly outside but it was still interesting to talk about.

We talked about where we are from – Leverburgh, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Stornoway, Geocrab, Taransay!

One gentleman was born in 1922 and thinks he is the last man standing from Taransay. I’d have liked to record his recollections but the lawnmower was enjoying the good weather too!

I picked up some tips on my peat cutting, which was helpful 🙂

See you all next week for the ceilidh.

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