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Arts-Based Dementia Friendly Community

An Lanntair has launched a 3 year arts-based ‘Dementia Friendly Community’ project in the Western Isles, in partnership with Life Changes Trust. The project will engage with people who are living with dementia and those in their circle of care, as well as reaching out to the wider Western Isles community, with the intention of building a bi-lingual dementia friendly community that reflects the specific needs of the place and its people.
The project will use various art forms and co-designing techniques for engaging with people living with dementia, their carers and the wider community. There will be several creative outcomes that emerge from the project itself, such as exhibitions and artwork as well as the development of innovative design solutions using culturally specific memory .
The project also looks to explore the role that bilingualism (Gaelic/English) plays in the delayed onset of dementia and the related benefits of an oral tradition.

We will be encouraging people from the local community to be involved throughout the design, development and delivery of the project, building on individual and community assets.

An Lanntair recognise that there is a need for people who are living with dementia and those in their circle of care to be part of an inclusive community, to be encouraged to participate in the arts and to be given more opportunities to maximise their lives and their potential. For more information, please contact paula@lanntair.com.

DFC Flyer with contact info please click to open and view/print in Gaelic and English.

Staff team

Our project team at An Lanntair comprises:
Maggie Smith – Gaelic Co-ordinator
Paula Brown, Project Co-ordinator
Jon Macleod – Artistic Curator

We are very fortunate to have the support of a wider team in the An Lanntair office, providing vital skills in finance, education, marketing, programming and equally vital skills in ‘how do I….?’ answering and problem solving, plus delivering technical services on site and in the community. We are also immensely fortunate to benefit from the skill and inspiration of all who curate and programme events, exhibitions and festivals at An Lanntair, and all of the artists and musicians who exhibit and perform, in order that we have workshops, exhibitions and events to share with the community. The venue itself is a thriving, inspirational and buzzing place with fantastic performance spaces and areas to enjoy the menus and drinks, surrounded by an engaging mix of art and views of Stornoway.

Contact us:

Jon Macleod jon@lanntair.com

Maggie Smith maggie@lanntair.com

Paula Brown paula@lanntair.com



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