These are some resources that we have discovered or created. Clearly this is just a starting point and other courses, support and resources are available. Please let us know if you find something useful to share and see our links page for more ideas.

Have a go at some guitar mini masterclasses over a cup of tea – with Will McNicol
Will McNicol – A cuppa tea and a spot of guitar

Free online courses relating to health and caring
Future learn free courses in Health & Psychology
(Eg Anatomy: Know your Abdomen from the University of Leeds; Nutrition & Wellbeing from the University of Aberdeen; Ageing Well: Falls from Newcastle University).

Carers UK Nutrition course

Nottingham Uni free dementia courses from Improving Dementia Awareness & Education at Nottingham University.

Free online courses relating to hobbies, the arts and ‘me time’.

Future learn free online courses in the arts and media
(Eg An Introduction to Screenwriting from the University of East Anglia; Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking For the Web from the University of Birmingham).

Online arts and cultural resources
Coming soon – An Lanntair’s digital archive of Artist Talks etc.

Open University free Openlearn courses.
Always wanted to write stories but no idea where to start? Open learn has a Start Writing Fiction course.
Open learn free online courses

Open University education through the part time fee grant

Open University part time grant application

Vision2Learn Often have free places to study. I have completed the Equality & Diversity course and it was well supported. P.

Health Promotion
Health Board

Communicating with other carers
Carers UK