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Uist Quadrilles film
Iris Leaf Boat film
Wind Cockerel film
Film by Kate Macleod from the Cuimhne event.


In Conversation Playlist on Soundcloud
Our ‘In Conversation’ series.

Jack and John Playlist
This is a playlist of sections of the conversation between Jack Manchester, (one of Britain’s top engineers, who worked for Davis Brown on the tractor and race car production and was commissioned by Churchill to undertake vital war work), and John Maher, Buzzcocks drummer, photographer and VW engine race tuner.

There is an online  series of conversations with older people in our community, recording personal stories and sharing conversation with people working in similar roles, people from similar places and generally exploring connections between generations.
I have been privileged to chat with Hebridean women about food, home making, the changing roles of women etc. and these form the first few ‘In Conversation’ tracks. This is an ongoing project and several more ‘in conversation’ tracks are in progress.


These are podcasts aimed at carers to support them to learn Gaelic without having to commit to lessons. They are designed to be played in care centre toilets, much like certain UK restaurants which broadcast language lessons and motivational speeches in the bathrooms. They can equally be used on portable devices/phones, in cars etc.
These are freely available to use – please download them and alert anyone who might find them helpful. Click to download.

Download Gaelic Without Trying Podcast 1 – useful phrases for carers (Maggie Smith & Paula Brown)

Download Gaelic Without Trying Podcast 2 – starting a conversation (Maggie Smith & Paula Brown)


These are intended for people who might have memories of the subjects in discussion but they are great for anyone interested in Gaelic and island culture. Some are in Gaelic, some in English and some are a mixture of the two.

Download Culture Podcast 1: Donald Saunders & Maggie Smith Poetry & Song of the Moorlands & Shielings (Gaelic). ‘Airigh mo Ghaoil’ sung by Maggie Smith, Gaelic poetry recited by Donald Saunders. This will also be in our ‘Moorland’ resource box.

Download Culture Podcast 2: Maggie Smith – Story and song relating to the Herring Girls (Gaelic & English). Maggie also speaks about memory, oral tradition and how she remembers songs and scripts.

Download Culture Podcast 3: Donald Saunders – Memory/how we remember, chat in Gaelic and then English translation.

Download Culture Podcast 4:  Donald Saunders – story about training dogs – Gaelic, followed by the English version.

Download Culture Podcast 5:Donald Saunders – story ‘That was not yesterday’ – Gaelic story followed by English version.

Download Culture Podcast 6: The story behind the popular Gaelic song Ailean Duinn from Scalpay related by Donald Saunders. The poetry is recited by Maggie Smith and then the English interpretation of the story is related by Donald Saunders. Poetry given in English by Maggie Smith.

Download Culture Podcast 7: A story about a young piper from South Uist related in Gaelic and then the English version by Donald Saunders.

Download Culture Podcast 8: The story behind the popular Gaelic song Calum Sgaire from Great Bernera related in Gaelic and then English by Donald Saunders.

Download Culture Podcast 9:This will be in our ‘Home’ Resource box. Gaelic poetry ‘Taigh mo Sheanair’ My Grandfather’s House. First, interpretation in English and the poetry read in Gaelic by Maggie Smith.

Download Culture Podcast 10: Humorous story from Point contained in the Gaelic poetry Bàs an Eich. Verses sung by Maggie Smith.