And this afternoon, we took the workshop to Harris House

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The afternoon session was not quite so lucky with the sunshine but everyone engaged and had fun choosing what to print. We printed a necklace, seaweed from the harbour, flowers from the car park, glass pieces, feathers and some twigs. We managed to print two outside but the rest were finished in the light box.

Cyanotype Image workshop with Mhairi Law this morning at Solas

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We were so fortunate with the sunshine this morning, for the cyanotype image print workshop at Solas Day Centre in Stornoway.

Mhairi Law showed everyone examples of her work and encouraged participants to choose items to print. We created some indoors in the light box and some outside in the sunshine. The results were fantastic and I’m sure we will see some of them on the wall soon!.

alternative process photography workshops on monday with mhairi law


Here’s Mhairi’s Stornoway Harbour albumin print as part of hers and Pat Law’s and Ian Stephen’s collaboration Eilean/Island, which ends on 25th October.

Mhairi is coming to Solas Day Centre and Harris House on Monday 26th October to offer workshops with cyanotypes. Can’t wait!