Jane Hepburn & Ian Stephen


We were treated to a beautiful session of live music from Jane Hepburn and poetry/storytelling from Ian Stephen today at An Lanntair Auditorium, all set to local image projections, which added to the mood of the occasion immensely.

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, here is a word collage poem – collected words from a conversation under the stairs at An Lanntair.

Through the stairs

Look at all those busy legs,
My hip is sore
And my knee, today.
Look at them hurrying up the stairs!
And the little ones, little legs.
Look at her skirt, swooshing round her knees
And her toes
Going upstairs.
What’s up there?

Margaret Anne Macleod

*this was collaged together from what Margaret Anne said while waiting for the lift and looking through the steps at the people going to the café at an Lanntair.
I love the way that older people living with dementia often notice and celebrate people’s bodies and take time to focus on things we often take for granted.